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Aaron Kennedy AKA " Rhythm Saint" 

Irish drummer Aaron Kennedy has been playing drums since he saw Stewart Copeland from The Police play @ the age of 5. 

Originally born in Ireland he now lives in Pennsylvania , United States. Aaron’s dad Brendan was a singer in a show band and is a big influence in Aaron’s music life. Aaron would eventually perform for ten years in his Dad's band all over Ireland.

It is here that he learned his trade of musicianship. 

Since then he has pursued his passion for drumming and music. Studying drums with John Wadham in Dublin along with many other international drum teachers. Working in local /national bands Aaron was certainly in demand and worked in many musical situations.


He has performed with Don Baker, God Is An Astronaut, Caruso, Junah, The Revs, Mary Coughlan, Eric Eckhart, Susan Bluechild, Clockwork Noise, Tracy Brown , Saints Of Bliss, Fracture, Ditch Cassidy, Nicolette Street, Fergal McKee and many more.


Working in many of the best studios in Ireland and the united kingdom Aaron is known for his work ethic which many producers appreciate. 

In 1999 Aaron formed The Drumming Academy with the intent to provide tailored contemporary tuition. Hundreds of students have been through it , many forming their own careers. The “Bash” logo has become identity for DA and is based on his dear friend Ricky Lawson. 

Aaron is now established in Tennessee and also plans to expand in other states. 

Many touring artists choose Aaron to work with their children, a great compliment to his methods. Aaron is dedicated to his students and every year recognizes talent through his “Student of the Year Awards." 2009 saw a 10 yr girl receiving this award from Aaron. When asked about the school's record Aaron replied: "The Drumming Academy has been built by the strength of every student, its success has been achieved through their dedication." 

Drumming Academy also has BEAT BULLYING  an initiative to help those suffering from humiliation and intimidation. Aaron addresses schools and uses his drumming as a vehicle to support his message “Move to improve.” BEAT BULLYING has received great praise is now supported by many top drummers. 

Aaron’s positive attitude has been the source of inspiration to others and he has been in the area of mentoring for over ten years. “Helping people to reach their full potential is a joy.” He is currently writing a book on positive thinking and motivation. 

During his time on the live music circuit Aaron established a reputation as a drum tech. "Taking care of artists/drummers is very satisfying since I know how I like things to be.” 

In the last ten years Aaron has been a Tech for many drummers including Stewart Copeland.

“This is certainly a career highlight for me," remarked Kennedy. 

Aaron is also involved in product development & marketing within the music industry .


“All aspects of music intrigues me. The instruments - the sound - the people.” 
Being a drummer and supported by so many people and companies is a wonderful thing. I always look forward to what is potentially around the corner"!

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